Why Xerox

RAN research has uncovered evidence that Xerox is sourcing paper from two ecologically sensitive in Canada's Boreal forests where Weyerhaeuser clearcutting is actively opposed by indigenous first nations communities.

Xerox maintains substantial purchasing contracts with the Weyerhaeuser Dryden mill in Northwestern Ontario. The mill is pulling hardwood pulp likely sourced from the Caribou Forest Management Unit subject to blockades by the Mishkeegogamang/Saugeen First Nations.

Xerox is also sourcing paper from Caribou Habitat near Trout Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Dr. James Schaefer, a caribou biologist, estimates that the range of woodland caribou in Ontario is receding by an area equivalent to Prince Edward Island every one-and-a-half years. At present, intact forests such as those found in the Trout Lake Forest Management Unit remain intact along the northern limit of the allocation line, and support healthy woodland caribou populations. But Weyerhaeuser plans to construct 207 km of new roads that will fragment the remaining intact habitat. Dr. Schaefer warns that if the status quo of industrial operations is maintained in Ontario's boreal forest woodland caribou will largely disappear from the wilderness of Ontario by the end of the century.