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Join our network to protect edangered forests worldwide and create a sustainable society that protect ecosystems, indignenous rights and the growth of local economies.   If you want to get involved in our campaign, we strongy recommend that you contact us, and our local regional contacts.

If you are interested in being a regional or local contact for this effort then please send us your contact details, a brief mission statement about your yourself or your organization and a summary on how you are working to stop corporations from destroying our endangered forests.   Our contact details are 415 398 4404 and [email protected] .

Los Angeles Rainforest Action Group

The Los Angeles Rainforest Action Group is managed by Wendell Covalt.  Wendell grew up in Indiana and received an MBA in Finance from Indiana Univeristy.  He spent most of his career as a sales executive in the computer software industry.  His last position was the Director of Sales for Asia for AIT Inc. before he retired in 2004.

Wendell has supported several environmental groups including Rainforest Action Network for several years.   He stared working with many RAN campaigns in the Los Angeles area including Trader Joe's, Ford, Ralph's, In-N-Out, and Wild Oats including both the initiation of negotiations and boycotts when necessary.  The most active present campaign is at Wild Oats where we have an ongoing boycott.  He has also been building a database of RAN members in the LA area and is working to expand the number of activists.  The most recent success was working with In-N-Out Burger to convince them to drop Weyerhaeuser paper bags.  In-N-Out is based in Irvine, CA has over 150 stores in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Get involved by contacting Wendell at: [email protected] .

Seattle Rainforest Action Group

Seattle Rainforest Action Group (SeaRAG) is a local grassroots group that protects endangered forests in the Washington State region and campaigns against Weyerhaeuser.  SeaRAG has a particular emphasis on organizing with young people.  To get involved with SeaRAG contact them at [email protected]

Edmonton Environmental Direct Action Network

EDAN is the result of the a realization that the democratic deficit in Canada is having a negative impact on our environment. The lack of consultation and representation in environmental decision making has led to government and industry policies and practices that do not respect the rights of other stake holders. This, in turn, has let to a devaluation of the environment and unsustainable development and resource extraction. Our vision is to create environmentally and socially conscious change through non-violent, direct action.

EDAN works to stop corporate logging in Alberta, including corporate logging by Weyerhaeuser.

Contact them at: