Support the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation

Please contact the decision makers and let them know that they need to make a just settlement with the Lubicons.



Enormous and catastrophic effects of massive oil, gas and timber extraction threaten the existence of the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in Alberta, Canada.

The 500-member band live on a land of some 10,000 square kilometers of rugged boreal forest.  Until the last quarter century, the Lubicon remained largely unaffected by developments in the south and existed as a thriving society, sustained by hunting and trapping.

In the 1970s, resource extraction companies began to take advantage of the monetary potential of the Lubicon land’s natural wealth.   As such, the Lubicon have been engaged in an unremitting, oppressive, industrial invasion of their land and destruction of their way of life by numerous, extremely powerful, multi-million and multi-billion dollar resource corporations.

The Lubicon Nation estimates that over resources have been taken from Lubicon Traditional Territory since oil and gas exploitation was begun in earnest 26 years ago. From that, the Alberta government receives – by conservative estimates – somewhere around 20% in royalties.  The Lubicon people, for their part, have received no royalties, no taxes, and no financial compensation for what oil and gas development has done to their traditional economy and way of life. At most the Lubicon people have received some seasonal employment building leases and rights of way for developments they neither control nor approve.

The Lubicons have fought back to defend their land and lives by patiently building a global network of organizations and individuals to support their legal battles, boycotts, lobbying, negotiations with the Canadian Government.  Their issue has also been presented to the United Nations Human Rights Commission .  And - when all else failed – they have blockaded.

Their struggle is northing short of astounding and is becoming legendary in the annals of aboriginal resistance struggles.

But time is running out.  How long the Lubicon can endure the merciless onslaught depends on you.