Boreal Day of Action: Over 350 events!

Leading international environmental organizations coordinated efforts today at more than 350 protests and events across the U.S. and Canada, calling on companies to end the destruction of North America’s largest ancient forest, the Boreal.

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This global treasure is under threat. Logging companies, such as International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and Kimberly Clark, are converting this ancient ecosystem into disposable products, such as catalogues, tissue paper and copy paper, primarily for the U.S. marketplace. Going by current rates of destruction, the boreal forest will be gone in 50 years.

When we choose to purchase products from multinational corporations we are choosing to support a corporate-system that prioritizes profit over health, pollution over environmental sanity and centralized control over democracy.

In downtown Seattle, citizens travelled from shop to shop dressed as caribou, educating customers of Victoria's Secret, Xerox and Kimberly Clarke products, that by buying such products they are contributing to forest destruction.

Another world is possible; it's time to get involved.

1. Organize a demonstration against Xerox. Xerox is producing copy paper from legally disputed logging operations in threatened caribou habitat despite the objection of First Nations communities who have lived in the area for more than a millenia. Download our Xerox Activist Toolkit.

2. Go to that local Xerox photocopy machine and sticker the machine with our awesome Xerox stickers. Order stickers: [email protected] .

3. Go to your local office supply store and sticker all the Xerox products. Stand outside the store and demand that consumers stop buying Xerox.

4. Convince your city or university to pass an ethical purchasing policy and stop buying endangered forest products. Xerox is one of the leaders in supplying schools and universities with paper. Download a Good Wood Policy Toolkit.

5. Email us and tell us where you're going to organize your demonstration or pass a good wood policy. We're at [email protected] .

6. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle The United States is the highest user of wood and paper products per capita. We can change this statistic by changing our behavior and reducing our consumption of wood and paper products. For more information, please go to Coop America's website. Coop America offers practical steps for using your consumer power for social change.